MY NAME IS 'Shojono Tomo'

  Shojono Tomo is an artist who has the soul of an eternal child. (her name suggests “Friend of the Child”)
  The adult with the soul of a child is a key theme running through her art works. 'child play' (SKINSHIP BARNY)
  is her subject of her life from 2004.
  SKINSHIP BARNY is a human El Nino phenomenon,that causes regulation abnormality in the body temperature
  when love cannot be confirmed, and burns out because of its own heat,
  Shojono Tomo’s art work is inspired by her imagination and view of the world.
  This induces the creation of strong characters and use of colour that lend themselves very much to the mediums
  of media, particularly TV and fashion. Her work is always carefully planned and crafted to achieve the desired
  end result whilst retaining the integrity of her artistic vision.
  An example of the commercial potential of Shojono Tomo’s artistic vision and practice is her enormously
  successful “Enocdouter” wearable art range that sells in Japan and internationally.


  ★The serialisation in GOMES magazine, published by PARCO, of her column“Human Robot Sewing Machine”
  was a turning point in Shojono Tomo’s life.
  This legendary magazine famously lifted subcultures to the mainstream in Japan.
  The exposure led to Shojono Tomo’s regular column on the PLAYSTATION fan site in 1997 cementing her
  position as an important emerging artist and leading to further work in Film Animation,Fashion, Stage Art
  and Comic Book Illustration.
  Shojono Tomo continues to work in the arena of Contemporary Art including her installation
  “Kimutakunology” at UP LINK FACTORY, incorporating mobile phone technology to create
  a telephone dating club box and her installation using scrap metal objects at STRINP Theatre
  in Osaka. These art works led to Shojono Tomo’s first collaboration with the British Art
  Interchange Team, leading to further support by Japish to expand her work internationally.
  The launch of her fashion brand PORNINVADERS in 1998 gave Shojono Tomo the opportunity
  to bring all of her experience of Contemporary Art, Illustration and design came together for
  the first time, leading the way for much of her work in the 21st century.
  In 2004 Shojono Tomo became supported by the Bikousha Corporation to develop the brand
  Enocdouter to sell throughout Japan and internationally.And she sometime collaboration with fashion company.
  ShojonoTomo is invited to an international museum in Sweden in 2009?2011,and she is evaluated in Europe.
  Furthermore, taking the opportunity of the clothes production of US 'rapper NICKIMINAJ in 2011,
  ""ROCKIN SHOJONOTOMO"" is sung in lyrics of song 'GIVEMEMONEY' of NIKI. ( support by SWEET STREET)
  In 2013, ShojonoTomo was selected as a Artist for creating logotype of "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris",
   and featuring her art there.
  Shojono Tomo is one of the world-renowned artists.
  In addition to independent brand "ENOCDOUTER",
  the collaboration item with the other company 's apparel brand is released both domestically and abroad
  ★Shojono Tomo’s international Projects include:
  1993 Karl Film Festival, Germany - Animation Presentation
  1996 Siberia Magazine, UK - Japanese Page serialization
  1998 National TV appearance, Austria
  2000 New York Underground Film Festival Animation(USA)
  2006 Bigbros workshop (USA) collected character book “I Love U Baby”(USA)
  2006 shima hair show (fashion) at ebis garden holl(JAPAN)
  2006 MODORRRA Fasion and Art Show(Spain)
  2006 Bunny Q Exhibition customized toys(Hong Kong)
  2007 “Friendly Monster Alphabet Book” (Australia)
  2008 NovemberDESIGN TIDE TOKYO at Theory  Aoyama Bell Commons& Omotesando Hills(JAPAN)
  2008 December- 2009 Art Installation at ANALOU in London(UK)
  2009 jun-13jun picture book group exhibition in paris(FRANCE)
  2009.September -January 2010 "KIMONO FUSION".EXHIBITION in stockholm(SWEDEN)
  2010.September-may 2011 "KIMONO FUSION".EXHIBITION 2 in Göteborg(SWDEN)
  2010 september-October Idealistically Hypocritical 6 EXHIBITION in Portland (USA)
  2011 August NICKI MINAJ FASION AT MTV Video Music Awards (USA)
  2011 August Tainted Urbanism exhibiton(JAPAN)
  2012 Murch Stage clothes production for NICKI MINAJ(USA)
  2012 Murch POP UP SHOP AND EXHIBITION at Munky king gallery(USA)
  2012 April g40 exhibition in Art Whino Gallery in Detroit(USA)
  2012 jun POP UP SHOP&EXHIBITION with ONCH MOVEMENT at royal/t in Los Angeles(USA)
  2012 October MY LITTLE PONY Project New York (USA)
  2013 April ART NOMINOICHI at Roppong hills UMU(JAPAN)
  2013 May Fight For Your Right EXHIBITION in Los Angeles(USA)
  2013 May Young Art Taipei 2013(TAIPEI)
  2013 August SKATE BOARD ART EXHIBITION at Gallery Conceal Shibuya(JAPAN)
  2013 September Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris(FRANCE)
  2014 Dec POWER RANGERS presents:"20 RANGERS FOR 20 YEARS" Los Angeles(USA)